State Farm Direct Billing Program

State Farm Direct Billing Program

In an effort to help facilitate the tuition assistance process for State Farm employees, the College has partnered with State Farm and EdAssist to launch a direct billing program. This program will allow enrolled students to authorize the College to directly invoice EdAssist for the tuition associated with each course for which EdAssist has pre-approved tuition assistance. Students wishing to take advantage of this program should be aware of the following:


  1. The course(s) for which the student is seeking tuition assistance must still be pre-approved by EdAssist and an associated Letter of Credit obtained from that organization. Whereas EdAssist pre-approvals are specific to the start date(s) associated with the course(s), students electing to alter their registered courses after pre-approval will need to re-submit the new course(s) to EdAssist for a new pre-approval decision.
  2. The student will need to complete the College's FERPA Waiver - State Farm Direct Billing form.  This form serves as authorization for the College to share the student's educational record information associated with the course(s) directly with EdAssist via an invoice. Students should complete the FERPA Waiver - State Farm Direct Billing form prior to the first week of the course(s) for which they have received pre-approval.
  3. Invoices for participating students will be generated during the second week of the subterm/session in which the course(s) occurs. This invoice timing ensures that only the course(s) for which the student is actively enrolled will be represented on the invoicing and that students who elected to drop the course(s) are not inadvertently included.
  4. Invoices sent to EdAssist as part of the Direct Billing program will represent:
    1. The student's name and College ID#,
    2. Course details such as course number(s), name(s), beginning and ending dates, and associated tuition amount(s), and
    3. Any 'gift' aid received by the student, represented as a deduction from the represented tuition amount(s); this would include Pell and/or MAP grants, scholarship aid, and/or 'Refer-a-Friend' grants awarded.
Instructions for the FERPA Waiver - State Farm Direct Billing Form

As mentioned above, each participating student will need to complete a copy of the FERPA Waiver - State Farm Direct Billing form prior to each subterm/session for which they are seeking tuition assistance. While the College recognizes that a form submission for each subterm/session of participation may represent a burden for some students, this requirement is in place in order to ensure that the College is properly authorized on each occasion of the educational records release and is able to collect the associated Letter of Credit number for proper invoicing.


To complete the form, please follow these steps:


  1. Download the FERPA Waiver - State Farm Direct Billing form.
  2. Enter the requested information directly into the form.

To submit the form:

  1. Print a copy and add your signature and date to the bottom
  2. Fax the completed copy to 217-735-2992 or scan it and email it to as an email* attachment



  1. Save a completed copy by selecting the 'File' menu, selecting 'Print', and altering the selected printer to 'Microsoft Print to PDF' or similar PDF creation utility
  2. Email* the completed copy to; the email* itself would serve in lieu of a signature directly on the form.

*Note:  In order to ensure proper identity verification, email submissions will need to originate from the student's institutionally provided email account ( or from within Canvas messaging.